Improving Learning
& Teaching conditions in Bridge schools

A social innovation program in Bangalore
Interdisciplinary teams of students from engineering (EPFL), social sciences (UNIL) and design (EPFL+ECAL Lab)
In partnership with SELCO Foundation and Swissnex India
An innovative learning experience

INSSINC is a 2 week-long social innovation program that immerses students in Bangalore to tackle social innovation challenges on the field

Participants work in interdisciplinary teams, mixing engineering, design and social science competencies to address local problem statements with SELCO Foundation and swissnex India.

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2020 Problem statement

Improving learning & teaching conditions in Bridge schools

The 10 participants worked in interdisciplinary teams, mixing engineering, design and social science background to address 3 problem statements proposed by SELCO. They prototyped 3 different solutions and tested them in the field.

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INSSINC gave me a condensed and unique experience, whether cultural, social, professional or human, it made me change my way of looking at things.

Louis BetinStudent in Product Design, 2019 edition
Real learning, real world

Design Process

The INSSINC design process serves as a charter to alternate field work, testing hypothesis, and feedback sessions with SELCO in order to create solutions that directly address the beneficiaries’ needs on the ground.

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