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Social Innovation Camp


In today’s increasingly fast-paced and globally interconnected world, an aspiring professional should have the skills to work in a completely unfamiliar environment.

Everything, from the tools we use and the ways we do things, is evolving rapidly, therefore an important role of education is to help people develop the skills which help them get their feet on the ground quickly in a new environment and be creators of solutions.

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In February 2023,

For the 3rd time, EPFL conducted INSSINC, a social innovation programme in Bangalore in partnership with Reap Benefit, SELCO Foundation, and swissnex India.

The workshop immersed 12 students in Bangalore, one of the fastest-growing Indian city. They worked in interdisciplinary teams, mixing engineering, design and social science competencies to address problem statements provided by Reap Benefit, with the support of SELCO.

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INSSINC challenged my preconceptions and expanded my horizons, demonstrating the transformative power of collaboration, empathy, and cultural immersion in driving innovation and positive change.

Sarah SoussouStudent in Microengineering @EPFL, 2023 edition