Navigating complexity
with prototyping

4 editions, 7 problem statements, 11 projects


Designing solutions to notice or improve understanding of blacks spots

Black spots are “places or areas marked by a particular trouble or concern”. More specifically, we see it as places where public infrastructure fail to fulfil people’s needs or properly guide people’s behaviours for the common good. Our 4 teams have worked on identifying under looked black spots and proposed solutions to rise interest or improve their understanding.


Improving the learning and teaching conditions in Bridge schools

‘Bridge schools’ are temporary learning spaces for children from migrating or vulnerable communities. They act as a bridge for a child to transition into formal education. Usually, with one teacher onboard, a small space, a fluctuating attendance,, and a wide students’ ages representation, these schools have to manage multiple day-to-day challenges.


Improving migrants housing conditions

Improve SELCO’s current design of better transitional shelter structures for urban migrant communities, keeping financial affordability in mind as well as longevity and portability of the solution. Moreover the need to explore different materials as well as construction techniques and layout designs are also key when developing the solution.

Scaling up SELCO integrated energy centers

Improve SELCO’s network of Integrated Energy Centres (IECs) with a specific interest in making it modular in a way that it can be easily used as an add-on service by various shops or street vendors in Bangalore. Such IECs can be located next to bus stops, intersections or c lose to settlements of poor communities.