India Switzerland Social Innovation Camp

Crate Charge

Integrating a solar-powered energy center in an urban environment

Margaux CharvolinDesign, EPFL+ECAL Lab

Philippe BontàSocial Sciences, UNIL

Anaïs Matthey-JunodEnergy management, EPFL

How might we scale up SELCO integrated energy centers?

CrateCharge takes inspiration from the colorful and dynamic streets of Bangalore. By going on the field, the team observed that the solution would have to be easily adaptable to a variety of structures while optimizing space occupation and ensuring an affordable yet durable structure.

The prototype consisted in a solar-powered modular charging station that is easily adaptable to different urban contexts and can accommodate a variety of needs such as lighting and refrigeration for local street vendors.

During the development process, the focus was set on designing an interlocking system of blocks that could be built upon each other and made with widely available material. Hence, the concept name comes from the fruit crates that were used to store batteries.

CrateCharge brings the concept of IEC to a new dimension

Attaching energy centers to existing street shops allows for expansion through add-ons and can offer multiple services while reducing structure costs thanks to its compact, easy to use design.

Transitional Fan

Double Layer Roof Housing

Crate Charger

Solar Mini-Kiosk