1. Opportunity Research

The first stage is to start building our understanding of the issue's context. We spend time on the field, observing, and discussing with multiple stakeholders. We triangulate between multiple methods and data sources to discover people-inspired insights to support and inspire our design approach.

Context observation

Spending some time in the daily school life is the only way to start building our own understanding of the context, its participants, and their behaviors. It’s a powerful tool for understanding needs that are not easily stated or necessarily recognized.

People interview

Engaging the students, the teachers and the community members in a way that facilitates expression of their needs and their ideas. Inspiring and informing our intuition about new opportunities and unexpected design direction.

Experts guidance

Working with the SELCO staff on every stage of the project give key insights into relevant history, context, and existing projects and provide with a precious reality check.


Making sense out of what we see and hear to uncover opportunities for design. Looking especially for unmet needs and barriers. Reframing their opportunity areas into an actionable and aspirational design challenge.

2. Solution Validation